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With over 30 years of service as an engineer in the Royal Navy our Director still lives by his military core values of Commitment, Courage, Discipline, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty.  

At Dynamic Surface Repair we have a small but highly trained team of technicians capable of quality, high quantity repairs resulting in excellent value for money for our clients.   We do our absolute best to give a reactive service to address last minute emergencies whether this is onsite or in your home.


Get in touch if you want to work alongside us.  


Modular training is delivered in short high intensity manageable bursts per discipline.  This ensures that our technicians have the skillset and knowledge for site work and also reduces training risk.


Training is delivered in three phases:
1. Instruction

Theory and practical at our HQ.

2. Site. 

Onsite practical delivery and assessment.

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3. Trade Test

A multi discipline assessment that replicates site work damage is taken to ensure that candidates can complete the repairs within the allocated time and ensuring high quality. 

After the test a certificate is given to the technicians which represents their level of expertise in its discipline and it can be renewed if the technician wants to excel more in one or more of the disciplines.

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