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Removing artstone and bricks is a time consuming and costly exercise.  Even professional tradesmen struggle to remove broken stones and bricks without causing damage to adjacent pieces and mortar is often the incorrect colour highlighting the mistakes made.

Repairing artstone and bricks can be done in situ without causing any collateral damage and avoid the need for mortar matching (by the way we can complete this for you too!


Removing bricks to resolve issues such as 'banding' and poor colour matching is time consuming and once again difficult to achieve without collateral damage and subsequent problems with mortar colour matching.

Using permanent brick tints does not affect the porosity of the bricks and can break up single colour banding and even alter the entire look of your home.


Render application can be challenging and it is not uncommon for areas to be missed or crack away during drying.  The render is applied mechanically in a single sitting so must be completely removed and redone if it can't be repaired.  We have over a period of some time and experimentation developed a system that gives a great result; both on texture and colour match.

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