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Removing labels is easy right?  Anyone who has tried to remove a particularly stubborn sticker from a package knows differently. Imagine if this label has been subjected to weather conditions and has had an opportunity to dry out and harden. The usual approach for removal is to scrape the sticky residue off with a sharp blade; this rarely gets a result without causing collateral damage, Glass, UPVC and powder coating frames, stainless steel, worktops and flooring can all be scratched and damaged.   


We were tasked to remove glue and residue from masking tape for one of our biggest clients. The tape had been used to protect the frames and glass but would not come off despite the best efforts of the team onsite.  Unfortunately the extensive damage caused during this attempt had to be repaired. I assigned technicians to the task which whilst repetitive took considerable patience and skill.  Using the correct product, techniques and associated PPE were all used to best effect to achieve an invisible repair in a fraction of the time.


Graffiti is one of the most visible forms of crime and disorder that occurs in a community and as such can become a visible sign of unruliness, social decline and antisocial behaviour among young people. Content can also be highly offensive, threatening to groups or individuals, or racially abusive.  For business owners, customers can also be deterred from entering premises.  Graffiti has a significant impact on whole communities.  

The vast majority of graffiti can be removed with specialist products. Certain colours can be more problematic than others and the length of time the paint has to harden also affects the repair process. Our advice would be to tackle the graffiti as early as possible!

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